The Hinterlands of Ferelden are an unwelcoming place, prone to raids by darkspawn and Chasind from the Korcari Wilds in the south, and Avvar barbarians from the Frostback Mountains to the west. Many Fereldans view the place-somewhat rightfully-as a dangerous backwater, but the region has its own hardy population. Templars who’ve displeased their superiors are occasionally sent to the Hinterlands on hedge mage hunts for the Chantry, and anyone desiring seclusion might be found in the area.

This is the setting in which the campaign begins, the rough hills of the Hinterlands in southwestern Ferelden, south of Redcliffe and west of Ostagar. The Dragon Age Wiki is a useful resource with a huge amount of information about Thedas. Campaign-specific stuff is around here.

Check out the NPC Tracker page for a few of the major players in the region.

There is now some character creation stuff up as well.

Marius' Dragon Age Campaign

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