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Grey Warden

- +2 Constitution. The ritual that every Grey Warden undergoes gives them legendary endurance, at a cost.

- Immunity to darkspawn taint.

- Grey Wardens gain an additional ‘sense,’ that allows them to detect the presence of darkspawn, and allows the darkspawn to detect them in turn. Large concentrations of darkspawn or very powerful darkspawn are much easier to sense. A Grey Warden can make a Perception check to try to pinpoint the numbers and location of darkspawn that they feel nearby.

- A Grey Warden’s life is unnaturally short. In thirty years after their Joining, at best, a Grey Warden will hear the Calling that signals the breakdown of their body and mind to the darkspawn taint. Most Wardens take this as a signal to head into the Deep Roads and die fighting their eternal foes.

New Templates

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