New Stunts

Several new stunts are available, granted by various means. Format: Requirement: Name (stunt cost):

New Rogue stunts:

Level 1: Dirty Fighting (2 points): You quickly throw sand in your enemy’s eyes or add an unsportsmanlike kick to your attack. The target, who must be adjacent, loses his major action on his next turn unless he succeeds on a Constitution(stamina) check, TN 10+Rogue’s Dex score. Whether the check succeeds or fails, the target still takes a -2 penalty to attack and defense for 1 round.

Level 3: Deadly Strike (2 points) You line up a deadly shot or thrust. All damage dice for a single attack are treated as the maximum roll, including dice from Backstab, Mighty Blow, or other sources.

Level 5: Evasion (4 points) You gain a +10 to defense, and a +10 bonus to resist all spells for 1 round.

Weapon and Shield stunts:

Novice Weapon and Shield Style: Shield Slam (2 points): You follow your weapon strike with a shield slam, which can be aimed at a different target. This is a normal melee attack with a +2 bonus to hit, that deals 1d6+Str damage. If it hits and inflicts any damage, the target is also knocked prone.

Novice Weapon and Shield Style: Protector (2 points): An optional version of the Defensive Stance Stunt. Instead of gaining a +2 defense for the round, you may instead grant this +2 bonus to an adjacent ally. If you do, you may also choose to grant them the defense bonus granted by your shield, losing it until your next turn to give your ally the same bonus. If your ally moves away from you before this effect ends, their bonus is immediately lost, and you regain your shield bonus, if applicable. If you take Journeyman Weapon and Shield Style, the cost of this stunt drops to 1 as well.

Journeyman Weapon and Shield Style: Shield Wall (3 points) You lock your shield in close and become extremely difficult to hurt. You lose your shield’s bonus to defense, and gain a +5 bonus to armor until your next turn, and cannot be knocked down. This stunt cannot be used in the same turn as Protector.

Journeyman Weapon and Shield Style: Overpowering Assault (5 points) You press your foe back with a series of relentless strikes and bashes. Move the target one square and into the square they occupied, then make another attack at a -2 penalty. If successful, you may move the target again and if you follow, make another attack at a -4 penalty. This continues with another attack at -6, -8, etc, until you miss an attack or choose not to follow your target.

Two-Handed Weapon stunts:

Novice Two-Handed Weapon Style: Pommel Strike (1 point) You retract your swing, striking with the pommel of your weapon. The strike instead deals only 1d6+Str damage, but you also knock your target prone automatically.

Novice Two-Handed Weapon Style: Critical Strike (3 points) You put all of your strength into a single blow. Your attack deals +2d6 damage, and the target must make a Constitution (Stamina) check of TN 11, or lose their next major action from pain and suffering. You can use Mighty Blow along with this stunt.

Journeyman Two-Handed Weapon Style: Sunder Armor (4 points) You cut or smash reaving blows into your target’s armor, damaging it severely. The target’s Armor score is reduced by 2 for a number of rounds equal to your Strength score. This is cumulative with other effects that apply Armor penalties, but not with itself.

Journeyman Two-Handed Weapon Style: Two-Handed Sweep(6 points): You swing in a wide, deadly arc. You strike your main target automatically, and can roll to hit all other enemies adjacent to you. All struck targets must make a Strength (Might) test against a TN of 10 + your Strength or be knocked prone. You can choose to move them 2 yards with Two-Handed Weapon Style as well.

Dual Weapon Stunts

Novice Dual Weapon Style: Lightning Riposte (2 points): You gain a +2 to your defense for 1 round, as the Defensive Stance stunt, which can be used at the same time. During that round, every time an opponent misses a melee attack against you, you may make a free attack against them with a +2 bonus. Attacks generated by Lightning Riposte cannot result in stunt points.

Novice Dual Weapon Style: Dual Weapon Rend (3 points) A devastating attack with both weapons, designed to shred through armored targets. When you use Dual Weapon Rend, make another attack, with your offhand weapon, and if it hits, add your first and second damage results together. Armor is only applied once to this attack.

Journeyman Dual Weapon Style: Cripple(3 points): In a whirling flash of steel, you strike not to kill, but leave your target battered and exhausted, opening bloody gashes and striking vital points. Your attack does normal damage, but the target takes a -2 penalty to attack and defense for a number of rounds equal to your Strength or Dexterity score, whichever is higher.

Journeyman Dual Weapon Style: Whirlwind of Blades(5 points): After dealing initial damage, move up to half your speed, rounded down. You may make an attack against every opponent you are adjacent to at any point during this move, including an extra one against your first target.

Archery Stunts

Novice Archery Style: Pinning Shot(2 points) You pin your quarry to the ground, a tree, or other nearby terrain with a particularly well-aimed shot. Your target may make a Strength(Might) test against a TN of 10+your Perception score on his turn as a minor action, once per round. If successful, he breaks free; otherwise, he cannot move, but can otherwise act normally. This ability lasts for a maximum number of turns equal to your Perception score.

Novice Archery Style: Shattering Shot(4 points): You fire a shot designed to open up a weak spot in the target’s armor. You deal normal damage and reduce the target’s Armor by 2 for a number of rounds equal to your Dexterity score. This is cumulative with other effects that apply Armor penalties, but not with itself.

Journeyman Archery Style: Arrow of Slaying(5 points): You focus on a single target with a master’s precision, and finally release a single shot. This shot inflicts an additional 4d6 damage to its target, striking home at a vital point with perfect accuracy.

Journeyman Archery Style: Rapid Fire(3+ points): You unleash hail of arrows on your unsuspecting targets. For 3 points, you gain an extra attack against any target in your range, for every additional stunt point you choose to spend, you may fire another arrow. This stunt replaces Lightning Attack for Journeyman archers.

New School Stunts

A set of new stunts for use by mages who roll doubles on casting rolls. These stunts become available to mages who reach a certain degree in the talent for their school. In addition, a school stunt can only be used on a spell of that school. The format for the stunts is the same as above.

Novice Creation Magic: Empowering Light(2 points): An ally within 30 yards gains a +2 bonus to a chosen physical stat (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution) for 1 round. This stunt can be used on yourself.

Journeyman Creation Magic: Fortify Armor(3 points): An ally within 30 yards gains a +3 bonus to Armor for 1 round as he is magically fortified. This stunt can be used on yourself, and stacks with any pre-existing armor, magical or mundane.

Novice Entropy Magic: Disorient(2 points): The target of your Entropy spell, if he fails his test against your Spellpower, also receives a -1 penalty to attack rolls and Defense for 1d3 rounds.

Journeyman Entropy Magic: Sudden Miasma(4 points): A noxious surge of exhausting energy emanates from you as you cast your spell. All enemies within 10 yards of you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, and any enemy within the area at the start of his turn takes a -5 penalty to speed for that turn. The Miasma lasts for 1d3 rounds.

Novice Primal Magic: Elemental Mastery(3 points): Your spell causes an additional effect based on the element it utilizes. Frost: Targets of your spell are chilled to the bone, taking a -5 penalty to Speed and a -2 penalty to Dexterity for 1 round. Fire: Targets of your spell are blasted down by the force of the flames, falling prone unless they succeeded on the initial ability test against your Spellpower. Earth: A shield of earth rises up to defend you, increasing your Defense by 3 for 1 round. This can be combined with Mana Shield. Electricity: Your targets are momentarily stunned, losing their minor action on their next turns unless they passed their initial ability tests against your Spellpower.

Journeyman Primal Magic: Elemental Devastation(4 points): Targets of your spell who do not pass their test against your Spellpower suffer an additional effect. Choose one: +2d6 damage, knocked prone, or moved up to six yards each in a direction of your choice. The chosen effect applies to all targets, if applicable, and cannot be decided individually.

Novice Spirit Magic: Call the Fade(3 points): As you cast your spell, you cause a target within 20 yards to see beyond the Veil for a brief time, entering a waking dream. The two worlds superimposed upon one another are immensely disorienting, and the target suffers a -1 penalty to attack and defense, as well a -2 penalty on ability tests vs. Spellpower, for 1d3 rounds.

Journeyman Spirit Magic: Spirit Magic(4 points): Your spell’s mana cost is reduced to 0, as your skills tap the raw mana from the latent energies of the Fade rather than your own resources.

New Stunts

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