NEW House rules, significant modifications

General rule changes:

Wound points: Player characters and major NPCs no longer die in 2 + Constitution rounds of bleeding. Instead, a character has a number of wound points equal to level + Constitution (to a minimum of 2, even for frail characters). when a character is reduced to 0 health, he loses a wound point in addition to falling. For each additional round that passes without aid, the character loses another wound point from serious bleeding or internal injury on his turn. If a character reaches 0 wound points, he dies. Wound points are not restored upon gaining health, or by any common magical means. Wound points can only be regained at the end of a full rest, when they are fully restored to a character’s maximum.

New combat status and actions:

Engaged: A character who is adjacent to an enemy wielding a melee weapon is considered ‘engaged’ and cannot move normally. A character who is engaged in melee who wishes to move away must take a new Disengage action as a minor action. This action moves the combatant 2 yards in a direction of his choice, and escapes the engagement. Notes: The Skirmish stunt continues to function normally, and becomes more useful for tactical movement! Characters who are knocked prone can make attacks and are engaged, but no longer engage those around them.

Parry: New minor action available only to characters actively wielding a melee weapon. The character chooses a single opponent and gains a +1 bonus to defense against that opponent for 1 round. (A defense-oriented counterpart to aiming, and considerably weaker than the Defend major action or the Defensive Stance stunt.)


Surface Dwarf: A dwarf receives a +2 bonus on any ability test to resist the effects of spells and other magical attacks.



Drain Life (clarification): If Mighty Spell is used with this spell, the extra damage suffered is penetrating, but does not restore health.

Heal: If the mage expends 1 additional mana, the Heal spell gains a range of 16 yards, replacing touch range. In addition, the Mighty Spell stunt can be used on Heal for 2 stunt points, causing it to restore 1d6 additional health, instead of damage.

Walking Bomb: Walking Bomb has a maximum duration equal to the mage’s Magic stat. If Walking Bomb runs it course without the target’s death, the target takes an additional +Magic penetrating damage on the final round. If this damage reduces the target to 0 health, they explode as normal. Otherwise, the spell ends.


Deadly Aim: A rogue adds both Perception and Strength to damage in melee combat, representing their ability to land well-placed and highly accurate blows with light weapons. This ability only functions with weapon groups the rogue is proficient in.

Backstab (changed): As normal, but a backstab can be used with a ranged weapon under some circumstances. This is referred to as ‘sniping’ as there is no stabbing involved. If an ambush target is unaware of the rogue, a sniping attempt automatically succeeds, granting a +2 bonus to hit and +1d6 damage on the shot. In combat, the rogue can attempt to use the distraction of his allies to set up another attempt. If an enemy combatant is engaged in melee combat by an ally, the rogue can attempt a Dexterity (Stealth) check opposed by the target’s Perception (Seeing) as a minor action. If successful, the shot is a snipe, with normal bonuses. An opponent who is aware of the rogue and not distracted by melee combat cannot be sniped successfully.

Combat Mobility (Level 2): A rogue can never be engaged by melee combatants, though he engages others normally if wielding a melee weapon. A rogue moves freely about the battlefield through a combination of stealth and speedy movements.


Combat Threat(Level 2): A warrior is a dangerous and imposing force in a melee. A target who is engaged in melee with a warrior and wishes to disengage must make the Disengage action as a major action instead of a minor action.

NEW House rules, significant modifications

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