Scarred ex-templar


Name: Havard
Age: 30
Class(es): Two-Handed Fighter 11
Specialization(s): Templar
Template(s): Grey Warden

Strength 20 +5
Dexterity 13 +1
Constitution 19 +4
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 7 -2

Base Attack +11 / +6 / +1

Initiative +5

Hit Points 120

Saving Throws

Save Base Attribute Miscellaneous Total vs spells
Fortitude +8 +4 +2 +14 +17
Reflex +3 +2 +2 +7 +10
Will +3 +3 +2 +8 +11
Note: Additional +2 to Will saves vs fear effects

He was once a templar, but left the order under mysterious circumstances. Now he is dedicated to protecting Liam for reasons that are not immediately apparent. He has joined the Grey Wardens.

Havard tends to be very protective of people he cares about, though his manner is often quite brusque which makes it appear he cares far less than he does.

He has a healthy respect of the power that mages command and believes that the Templars duty should be to protect mages rather than imprison them. Though officially not a part of the order, he still follows the path and performs the meditations he was originally taught.

Though he has managed to get to a point where he does not rely on lyrium, he does sometimes wonder if it would be so bad to drink a lyrium potion now and then – though he quickly admonishes himself for having the thought afterwards.


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