Bann Galford

Bann of the Cold Hills


Bann of the Cold Hills, a rather aptly named bannorn in southwestern Ferelden bordering the Frostback Mountains.

Galford is distrusted by his neighbors due to the reputation of his uncle, the previous bann of Cold Hills, who sided with Orlais during the rebellion when Galford was a child. Now a warrior in his thirties, he is a bitter and suspicious man, but a good organizer of troops, and remains fairly popular among the freeholders who pledge support to him. Galford tends to leave civil order to local officials, allowing the people to do as they wish, while focusing on military threats—most frequently, the Avvar barbarians from the neighboring Frostbacks.

The appearance of the Conqueror has caused him considerable distress, as his is one of the bannorns that has been successfully raided.


Bann Galford died in disgrace, captured and executed after an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Bann Alison.

Bann Galford

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