The Conqueror


A mysterious figure growing in legend and stature in the southern Frostbacks. Variously claimed to be an ambitious Avvarian chieftain, an Orlesian chevalier rousing the clans against Ferelden, and the incarnation of an Avvarian god. What’s known is that the Conqueror has united several tribes into a single unit, and has staged several successful raids into the Hinterlands.

Characters of the Avvar origin may have more information about The Conqueror.


The Conqueror was revealed to be a powerful Orlesian apostate, who blended into the Avvar to find the legendary magic of the ancient Avvar shaman Kayla. With the help of the wraith of the mage, Richter, the Conqueror devised a plan to use Kayla’s most powerful work to create an army of unstoppable Avvar soldiers. However, he was betrayed by the resurrected blood mage-abomination at a critical point, and was assassinated by Falkin, Lanrick, Liam, and Sylvan. His plans crumbled with his death, and the Avvar retreated to the mountains without his powerful leadership.

The Conqueror

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