Bann Alison

Bann of Southwold


Noble of Ferelden, and bann of Southwold, a region of the Hinterlands bordering the Korcari Wilds.

A girl of seventeen during the time of Moira the Rebel Queen, her father’s bannorn fell quickly to an Orlesian counterattack when his support for the rebellion was discovered. Alison somehow escaped, and joined the army of Arl Rendorn, the father of the present Arl of Redcliffe, Eamon. Proving herself a gifted soldier and a bold tactician, Alison survived the war and reclaimed her father’s bannorn with the support of King Maric.

Now in her forties and still ruling Southwold from the castle-town of Invergard in the north, Bann Alison is a careful leader who has survived dozens of battles, and outlived two husbands. Both shrewdly efficient and occasionally brutal in dealing with the Chasind, she also has a reputation for justice, appointing good magistrates to villages and towns.

Bann Alison

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